ZT :Language
文章来源: rosejyy20002007-12-22 10:18:24

There are over 20,000 languages in the world. Some of these languages are very common. For example, millions of people speak Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese, and Japanese. One the other hand, some languages are very rare. For example, only 500 people in Papua. New Guinea speak the language Bahinemo.

Languages grow and change, They borrow words from other languages. For example , in the English language,the word rodeo is from Spanish, cafe comes from French, Ketchup is from Chinese, sofa is from Arabic, and potato comes from Haitian Kreyol. New words also come from technology. For example, cyberspace, website,and e-mail are recent that relate to the Internet.

这是我以前看过的课文,令我感兴趣的是原来 sofa 来自阿拉伯语。