What is good government and good people?

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What is good government and good people?

    Frank  May 21, 2017 in Waterloo, Canada

 Only the government that can improve the life of their citizen is a good government, only the people who can hard work to make life-necessities is good people. 

  This article was the excerpts from readers' comments following the article Bombardier in talks with Chinese aircraft manufacturer for potential investment.  By Alicja Siekierska May 18, 2017 12:07 PM ET

  Crisel Canda · Cebu City

  Sell that company to china.

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  Finbarr Wilson · 

  Calgary, Alberta

  let's see, a Canadian company makes the most advanced jet liner on the planet, and your great idea is to make sure all that technolgy and expertise is handed over for a pittance? perhaps you haven't thought this through. Or is Canada really just a bunch of lumber and rocks to sell?

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  Claude Beauchemin · 

 Works at Retired

  @Crisel, What is Bombardier for you?

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  Crisel Canda · Cebu City

  Claude Beauchemin hi claude---bbb is a company i grew up with -from the 335 to the 399 skidoo of my youth to seadoo and all my investments-- i made modest money with it in 2001--- but when it started building planes and trains --no--- the c series is terrible to ride in.. cheap descibes it perfectly.. trains are not working--- now its a tax payers black hole where every jon costs 2$200,00-. --even the janitor looses money... its liberal corruption paid to a sepratist province.

  Frank Li

  Dear Crisel Canda, please do not simply criticize, but analyze the cause and point out the solution, I would like to hear more from your view on the problem in management of Bombardier.

  It is not easy to run a business, since it needs to deal with interpersonal relationships, people are special animals with brain in independent thinking and tending to act according to own preferred accord.

  Please see my article https://frankwaterloo.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/how-to-save-bombardier-from-the-road-dust-of-failed-rim/

 “As same as that of family businesses, in a long-run large enterprise, due to the people are familiar between each other with friendship, the relationships between the managements and staffs are intricate complicated. It is difficult to deal with some problems decisively by existing managements. It is not due to the ignorance or irresponsibility at all, but, due to the common nature of human beings. The best way is to introduce external powerful leadership with injecting into exotic vibrant DNA.”

 “No matter who dealing with the problems, the available solutions will much be same in the major, however, the introduced experts do not have the fetters of the friendship with existing staff, so that they are less concern when dealing with inevitable personnel issue. More importantly, in this roundabout way, it will be less causing hostility and unrest.”

 “The preferred management experts are Mr. Jack Welch and Dr. Ram Charan.”

  In article Canada's economy is faced at vital crossroads, I indicate that:

  "Manufacturer (Company or Enterprise) is the basic cell and main driving force of the real economy by integrating the Intelligence, Capital, Knowledge, Technology, and Market together to play the role as protagonists of scientific and technological innovation."

  "Manufacturer is the organiser of large-scale socialised production, it organising and training social members to create material wealth with providing jobs for living making and tax revenue for social governing, thus to create a stable community, by which that people can work and live to enjoy a prosperous life."

  From the social function of the enterprise, who owns the enterprise is not important, it is important to ensure its healthy and smooth operation.

  In article My view on Entrepreneurs and Enterprises inspired by Peter Shoore, I indicate that:

  "Enterprises are the important organization of social production to create material wealth for human survival, and the entrepreneurs invest their money to run the enterprises with a frugal living and risk taking, to provide employment for public living and revenue for social governing. Thus, their enterprises are to be shared publicly in playing the role as social wealth."

   "In some extent, in fact, the Enterprise is shared to make living by Employees & Employers together."

  "In view of this, we can draw a general conclusion: it is that the means of production is not personal consuming goods, no matter who owns it, the owner only possesses the power of disposal or organization of the production of social material wealth."

  "To view in this practical way, the Poor are not poor as some people complained; and the Rich are not rich as some people fantasized at all."

  "The entrepreneur is the best social servant and the communist in the reality."

  In Canada, the primary task is to reverse people's misconceptions about business and entrepreneurs, especially the hostilities towards them.

  Wrongful social ideological is the big enemy for developing economy.

  Have a nice day.

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   Frank Li ·

  Sep. 20, 2015, the article Israel to bring in 20,000 Chinese construction workers  reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, Israel plans to bring in 20,000 Chinese construction workers to help build new apartments as part of efforts to lower housing costs. He said that Chinese's pace of work in building high-risers was 50 percent higher than that of Israelis, Palestinians and others.

  Please Google my article Why that work-speed of China's worker is higher than that of others: The innate high quality of Chinese people - high IQ.

  DEC. 23, 2011, the article Optimal IQ's for Various Groups revealed the reason from innate level - intelligence quotient - IQ.

 North Coastal China: 115-118
 South Coastal China: 112-116
 Generalized Japanese/Korean: 110-112 
 Generalized Northern Euros: 97-102 
 Generalized Southern Euros: 92-102 
 Generalized Indian: 92-96 (they suffer from poor environment) 
 Sub-Saharan Africans: 85 

  Please Google my article The speculators are destroying the foundation of Canadians survival: “In the Era of agricultural economy, the geographic space is the living space. In the Era of market economy, the market space is the living space.”

  The low productivity and high cost in goods manufacturing would certainly make Canadians lose living space due to that will be doomed fail in the market competing. 

  Canadians urgently need to explore a new way out from the way in self- Only the government that can improve the life of their citizen is a good government, only the people who can hard work to make life-necessities is good people.

  Legally encouraging their citizen to strike for more by doing less is in self destructing.
  Please forget ideological, only concern that how to avoid to be starve to die.
  In struggling for survival by competitive manufacturing, Canada is no way out, besides carpool with China.

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  Frank Li ·

  Dear Alicja Siekierska, are you there in reviewing and revising the comments? I saw some comments lost and some new added in just moment ago.

  Thank you for keeping my comments of poor English writings.

  As a reporter, you possess advantage to deep into the insight of Bombardier. In Canada, there are several big businesses, only Bombardier is a manufacturer, says generally, the efforts for saving RIM was failed, we have to save Bombardier from the road dust of failed RIM.

  In article The Fatal DNA of RIM and Canadian Enterprises, I indicate that:

 “For RIM's decline, people can find many sound reasons, however, I think that, the most fundamental one is the stifling intellectual work environment, which is that suppresses the free exertion of intelligence of the employees without a proper channel for employees expressing their views freely to have damaged the driving force for continuously self-revolution to fit the market that increasingly rapid changes.”

 “Such a corporate culture is common in Canadian enterprises, which is just opposite that of smart doing in IBM and German Companies.”

 “This is one of important lethal gene fragment in Canadian enterprises.”

 “May 28, 2012, in the article The DNA of the Success of German Manufacturing, I mentioned that, the driving force for German outstanding manufacturing mainly comes from their legislated management for rationalization proposals, which is with profit-related bonus to motivate all staff to pay their full talent into the business running, since Mr. Friedrich Alfred Krupp initiated it in 1872. Now, in all German businesses, their staff can use computer network systems to easily submit or query their proposals.”

  A simple improvement in the philosophy of business operation will revive the manufacturing of Canada.

  As I said to Crisel Canda, “please analyze the cause and point out the solution, I would like to hear more from your view on the problem in management of Bombardier.”

  Canada is our home place, because of our being, it will certainly be developed as our desired.

  Thanks a lot.

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   Frank Li ·
   Dear Alicja Siekierska:
   Thank you for keeping my comments; I have a question to border you again. 
May 21, 2016, I wrote article Ontario will ruin economy by the way that once ruined Britain after was shocked by some reports that the policymakers of Ontario are reviewing Labor Laws and to promote the practice that once destructed British economy and to be saved by Margaret Thatcher hardly.
  Could you please to make a follow up about the recent development of this issue?
  I have no other effective way to reach a journalist as you who is with a strong sense of social responsibility.
 Thank you very much.

 The link of my article:
  Ontario will ruin economy by the way that once ruined Britain

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